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File:Friedrich Delitzsch 2.jpg|right|thumb|Friedrich Delitzsch (1903) '''Friedrich Delitzsch''' (September 3, 1850 – December 19, 1922) was a German Assyriology|Assyriologist. He was the son of Lutheran theologian Franz Delitzsch (1813–1890). Born in Erlangen, he studied in Leipzig and Berlin, being habilitated in 1874 as a lecturer of Semitic languages and Assyriology in Leipzig. In 1885 he became a Professor (highest academic rank)|full professor at Leipzig, afterwards serving as a professor at the Universities of University of Breslau|Breslau (1893) and Humboldt University of Berlin|Berlin (1899). He was co-founder of the ''Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft|Deutschen Orientgesellschaft'' (German Oriental Society) and director of the ''Vorderasiatischen Abteilung'' (Near Eastern Department) of the Royal Museums.
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